Wayne dyer open marriage. Tennessee County Clerk

Wayne dyer open marriage

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  1. Wayne Dyer said, " my wife, to whom I was married to for twenty years and have seven children with, met somebody else and left me. I was confronted with another huge shift in my life that took much more of the breath out of me than my heart attack.

  2. Change your life using Wayne W. Dyer's astonishing Nine Spiritual Principles: Are the decisions and actions in your life controlled by your ego?Do you have an ever-present need to defend yourself?

  3. Dr. Wayne Dyer shares timeless wisdom on how to forgive others and move on from resentment, blame, and past hurts—even when it's difficult. #forgiveness.

  4. From best-selling author and spiritual teacher Wayne W. Dyer comes My Greatest Teacher, which follows a man’s journey to find understanding and reconciliation with his .

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